PA Bill Reader
Created March 2017
A Command Line Interface(CLI) program to view current bills for the 2017-2018 Regular Session in Pennsylvania. I scraped the congress website using Nokogiri to navigate different css elements and display bill information on demand.
Created April 2017

A MVC app built with Ruby and Sinatra for REST routing. Users can login and add items to their bucketlist. Users who are not logged in can view items from all users to inspire them.

Built basic CRUD actions in controllers to manipulate bucketlist items, categories, and users.

Database includes has-many relationships with appropriate primary key/foreign key association.

Front end is simple HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. My custom CSS is not loading from Heroku so I would appreciate some tips to get this working.

Created May 2017

Rails MVC app to track drink recipes. Users can login with their Google account using OAuth, or create their own username/password.

Created class methods on drink models to display non-alcoholic 'mocktails'.

Utilized jQuery and AJAX to make requests for data asychronously to display recipes, rather than request a full page render.

Front end created with basic HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Deployed on Heroku.

Teacher Dashboard
Created August 2017

I created this project to assign tasks to students while teaching and also display a countdown timer so that they know how much time they have to complete the tasks.

The back-end is a RESTful Rails API with a PostgreSQL database.

Front-end is HTML, CSS, Semantic-UI, React.js, and Redux. State is persisted to the database and easily re-loaded.

I did not include user authentication in this app but stored the username entered in localStorage, which is accessed when the app loads to get that user's information for the app.

Technologies I use

This site was built with html, semantic-ui+less+gulp, and a little bit of jquery.
Hosted on Google Firebase
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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