2017 Goal Progress

Code For Philly project

Have been to several meetings but need to commit to joining a team and working on a project. Check out their website.

Build Github Portfolio

Originally I wanted to have one new project per month but I realized this isn't feasible. I'd rather focus on a few things and commit to deploying something valuable. Here's my porfolio.

Read 30 books

Ahead of schedule, have read 21 as of August 2017! Check my goodreads account.

Donate to charities

Was donating often until I decided to teach this summer and my income significantly decreased. I love supporting teachers through Donors Choose.

Squat 250lb

I got to 215lb last summer, but ended my LA Fitness membership in May. Have been focusing on running instead since it's free. Thinking of joining a weight lifting or kickboxing gym soon.

Volunteer 1x /month

So far so good volunteering with TechGirlz! Summer has been slow but I signed up to teach a class in September. Check out events.

Philly Bucketlist

Haven't kept track of the exact number but have crossed off a lot this year and always trying new things whether they're on the list or not. Would like to make this into an app.

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