Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Kelsey - A Support Engineer in Austin, TX. I work on Ruby on Rails and React code at Pingboard.

I fell in 💙 with coding in college but didn’t pursue it as a career until 2017 after graduating from The Flatiron School online coding bootcamp program. You can read more about the beginning of my coding journey here. I feel so much joy from coding and problem solving, and feel grateful that I have the opportunity to do something I love everyday. I also find satisfaction in sharing my knowledge through teaching, and want to give the younger generation the chance to discover if they have the same passion that I do, and to give them the superpower of creating things through code. That’s why for the past 3 years I’ve taught workshops and classes with TechGirlz, Coded by Kids, and Belmont Charter Schools in Philadelphia, Girls Who Code in New York City, and now help with curriculum when I can for Code2College here in Austin.

Photo of me at Philadelphia Magic Gardens standing in front of a mosaic wall of colorful tiles.

I have an obsession with Philadelphia after living there from 2016-2018. Gritty is everything.

Learning to code was tough. There’s always so much to learn and it’s easy to fall into thinking I’m inadequate in what I do. However, as of the creation of this blog (early 2019), I no longer feel like an imposter in the tech world. I can code and I feel confident in what I know. However, I’m still learning. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my work. From not picking the right technologies for projects or setting realistic expectations, to not writing tests when I should have, because I didn’t know how. This is meant to be a documentation of my journey to developing my craft as a Software Developer. I hope it can help others on their own path, and provide an example to future-me of the growth I’ll hopefully have shown.