I'm an Okie turned Philadelphian. I love this city and everything it has to offer. You may find me biking around center city, coding at a coffee shop, or running the Rocky steps at sunset. I am passionate about meeting all kinds of people and introducing kids to tech. Want proof? Check out some stuff I've done below.

I have been an active and dedicated volunteer with TechGirlz since October 2016 where I instruct tech workshops for middle school girls and develop curriculum. I have taught game design, javascript, mobile app design, and more. I developed the Git/Github lesson plan with another volunteer instructor, Wilhem Alcivar, which is one of my favorite workshops to teach. I am in the process of helping the same instructor create a new workplan and slides for a Ruby on Rails workshop.

This summer I was a Camp Counselor at Camp Joy Two in Sharon Hill, PA. It is a 6-week camp organized by Neighbor to Neighbor Community Center for 12-14 year-olds. I taught a few workshops there in the spring with TechGirlz and they reached out to me to help them as a tech/business resource to teach and inspire the kids there. We exposed the kids to hiking, entrepreneurship, tech, media production, slam poetry, art, and more. Above all we focused on relationships with each other and working as a team. This was a wonderful experience but I learned that the camp needs more structure so that the kids know what to expect each day. I am a 'go-with-the-flow' type of person but I learned that this is not always a good approach, especially with restless kids. I hope to assist on developing a more robust curriculum for the camp this year so that next year the camp is even more successful. Overall, we had a blast!

I also participated as a coding instructor for a research study at Belmont Charter School this summer for 5 weeks. The goal of this study by a School Psychology Phd candidate at Temple was to evaluate whether learning how to code improves students' overall cognitive skills. This was the most challenging experience of my life. I have always wanted to try being a teacher and this was my chance. The researcher and I co-taught students to code in Scratch using the Creative Computing Curriculum developed by Harvard. After this experience, I have the upmost respect for teachers. I believe it's the world's toughtest job to motivate, discpline, inspire, and teach young kids. Although I now know that full time teaching is not for me, I still have ideas and plans of developing an after school tech program and want to support teachers by donating my time or money where I am able.

There are some moments during this camp that I will never forget:
  • A shy student who struggled at first but I worked 1-1 with often showed up to class one day and gave me a hug and the biggest smile and said "Today I'm going to make my best project ever"
  • How proud some of the kids were when we debugged problems as a class and they found the solution
  • Giving students freetime to watch YouTube or play games and seeing one of the kids keep working on his Scratch project because he was so into it

From February-August 2017 I completed the online full-stack web developer at the Flatiron School. I was fortunate enough to receive a 'Women Take Tech' scholarship from Birchbox. I studied and coded 20-30hr per week, on top of working full-time, to complete this bootcamp and learn the skills I wanted. I am grateful for this experience and the network of people I've met through Flatiron. I learned a stack of Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, SQL, Javascript, React, and Redux. Check out my projects on my Projects Page!

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